White peaches

This time of year is great for peaches. Maybe I am strange, but I like to get white flesh peaches that are not very ripe, which means that they have a firmness more similar to an apple. It makes it easy to chop them in half, remove the pit, and put in your lunch. Unfortunately it seems at least here it is difficult to find them as the seasons go on, so maybe it’s best to enjoy them while you can. Another good low calorie snack to help with weight loss and weight maintenance.

Here is one we got recently that was very photogenic!


Amazing Pancakes

Here is an amazing recipe for low-carb pancakes we came across recently – after trying it out, we both can’t believe we can imagine why we would make regular pancakes again!

Just looking at the ingredients, it is hard to believe they go together to make anything like pancakes. (Although I should admit I don’t know what the components of pancake mix are.) I was skeptical too, but believe it! They look and taste just like regular pancakes. I would argue they taste better, actually! And the ingredient list is nice and short and contains only things I can pronounce:

  • Half cup oatmeal (quick oats seem to work fine)
  • Quarter cup of low-fat cottage cheese
  • Two eggs
  • Dash each of:┬ávanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg

Mix thoroughly in a blender (or we use a “Magic Bullet”) and cook like regular pancake mix.

Here is their image:

OK, maybe less photography skills, but here are ours:

They also suggest using pure maple syrup instead of the processed stuff, which also makes us wonder why we ever ate that old junk! (Boy, we are dumb sometimes.)

These quantities make about enough for one person (unless you’re eating really light), so adjust accordingly and enjoy!